Day Calculator / Date Calculator (How many days until...)

A day calculator, also often called a date calculator, is a useful tool that calculates the number of days between two specific dates. In some advanced versions, a day calculator can also calculate the difference in other time units such as weeks, months or years.

Day Calculator

Day Calculator

Start date:
End date:
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A day calculator is versatile. It is helpful for: 

Project management:

Do you need the days from project start to finish? The calculator provides precise data.

Travel Planning:

When wondering how many days you spend in one place, the day calculator is useful.

Event scheduling:

Planning events like weddings, conferences or birthdays? A day calculator determines the remaining days.

Health and fitness:

For pregnancies or training programs, the day calculator helps track the duration.


In Finance, the Day Calculator determines expiration dates of financial products or the number of days for interest.
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