15 tips how to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Optimize LinkedIn profile

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Optimize your LinkedIn profile: a comprehensive guide with 15 practical tips from 2023

With more than 18 million members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world. It is great for online marketing, self-promotion and job search. Therefore, take advantage of the many opportunities LinkedIn offers to present yourself in the best possible way. Here we present 15 effective tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Expressive profile picture
First impressions count, and that goes for your LinkedIn profile picture, too. Use a high-quality, professional photo that highlights your personality and professionalism. Make sure it shows your face first and foremost, as it will also be displayed in smaller views, such as the “Do you know too?” box.

Concise Profile-Slogan

Your profile tagline is the first thing people see next to your picture. Take time to tweak this and incorporate keywords that aptly describe you and what you do. Here we offer you an additional 11 tips with examples for your perfect slogan. Or use our LinkedIn slogan generator.

Attractive LinkedIn background image

The background image is often the third element that your profile visitor notices. It should be in .jpg or .jpeg format and convey your message in an appealing way. In this blog article you will find all the exact tips about your wallpaper.

Vanity URL

LinkedIn’s “Vanity” feature allows you to create a clean and personalized URL for your profile that increases your discoverability.

Meaningful info text

Your infotext is the ideal place to go into detail about your career path, inspirations and specializations. Think of a “call to action” – for example, an invitation to contact you directly on LinkedIn.

Integration of relevant media

Add links and relevant media to your profile summary and work step descriptions. If there are interesting articles that have covered you or your company, include them.

Update your experience and resume

The “Skills” section is similar to a resume and is a great opportunity to showcase your skills with keywords. Plus point: These can be confirmed by other LinkedIn members.

Individualization of the profile

LinkedIn offers a helpful feature for rearranging your profile sections. This allows you to select which experiences or projects should be displayed first.

Post regularly

Share news on LinkedIn about your company’s milestones, such as a website relaunch or project completion. This is how you keep your network up to date and show presence.

  1. Be active in groups:

    Actively participate in discussions in relevant groups. This increases your visibility and can also increase your reach.

  2. Obtain recommendations:

    Get referrals from colleagues, customers or supervisors. This increases your credibility and confidence in your abilities.

  3. Use of hashtags:

    Hashtags help your posts get seen by more people. Use industry-specific hashtags and follow relevant hashtags to stay up to date.

  4. Interact with posts from other users:

    Like, comment and share posts from your network. This increases your visibility and creates interaction.

  5. Proactive networking:

    Make an effort to build and maintain relationships with other LinkedIn users. This could be done by sharing and commenting on their content or sending personalized connection requests.

  6. Constant optimization and updating of your profile:

    Change your profile status regularly to reflect your current status. Whether you’re looking for a new job, have started your own business, or just finished a big project, your LinkedIn profile should always be up-to-date.

An optimally maintained LinkedIn profile is the key to professional success. With these tips, there’s nothing standing in your way of effectively showcasing your personal brand and taking full advantage of LinkedIn’s many opportunities.

LinkedIn Profile Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I change my LinkedIn profile picture?

    Go to your profile and click on the profile picture. Select “Change profile picture” and upload a new photo. Make sure your photo is professional and appealing, as it is the first impression visitors will get of you.

  2. How do I formulate a meaningful profile slogan on LinkedIn?

    The profile tagline should succinctly summarize your professional role, expertise, and goals. Use relevant keywords and make sure it’s clear and compelling.

  3. How can I customize my LinkedIn wallpaper?

    Go to your profile and click on the wallpaper. Select “Change background image” and upload a new image. The image should be professional, relevant to your professional role, and reinforce your brand or message.

  4. What is a vanity URL and how do I create one for my LinkedIn profile?

    A vanity URL is a customized URL that is easier to remember and share. Go to your profile and click on “Edit Public Profile & URL” in the right column. There you can create your vanity URL.

  5. How do I write an engaging infographic for my LinkedIn profile?

    The info text should include a summary description of your professional experience, skills, and goals. It’s a good idea to give specific examples and successes and use keywords that potential employers or clients might be looking for.

  6. How can I add media and links to my LinkedIn profile?

    You can add media and links to your profile summary and work experience descriptions. To do this, click the pencil icon in the corresponding section and then click the “Add link or media” icon.

  7. How do I update my resume and experience on LinkedIn?

    To update your resume and experience, go to your profile and click on the pencil icon in the Experience section. Here you can add new items, edit existing ones or remove obsolete ones.

  8. How can I change the order of my profile sections on LinkedIn?

    To change the order of your profile sections, go to your profile and move the mouse over the section you want to move. Click the grid icon that appears and drag the section to the desired location.

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